Customer Testimonial – Gardner SDG-6 Service

C & B Machinery Small LogoHere is a great testimonial that we wanted to share on a recent service job that was done by C & B Machinery. Nothing is more satisfying to us than a happy customer!


I just wanted to follow up on the service call made by C & B Machinery the week of March 25 2013.

The basis for the call was to trouble shoot and re-align our Gardner SDG-6 rotary carrier machine.

This machine was provided by C & B in a rebuilt arrangement in approx. 1996 and to date has performed extremely well with minimal downtime and repairs. The events leading to the need for the service call were loss of quality over time, and an event which impacted the carrier and grinding wheels. Service Technician Marty Schaefer was assigned to the case. He was very prompt and punctual even though his travel was hampered by the snow storm.

Upon arriving he met with the necessary people from our maintenance and operations groups to get briefed on the events that had taken place. At that time he began to assess the machine and what the needs were.

During the next 3 days he worked lengthy days with minimal breaks to get the machine back up and running quality product as quickly as possible. Marty has a great deal of knowledge and was very patient and generous with his explanations and demonstrations of how our own personnel could improve the maintenance and operation of the machine.

His personality was a good fit with those in both our operations and maintenance areas. He presented himself in a very professional manner while at the same time making certain everyone knew that he was here to help in any way possible.

Upon completion of the repairs, re-alignment and some general maintenance work the machine was set up on our most challenging job which is a roller 2.500” in diameter, 6.000” in length and 3310 material. The machine ran the parts well above our required tolerances.

We have now operated the machine for a week and on a variety of different jobs with great success.

I would like to thank C & B for all the assistance during not only this instance, but everything that they have done over our 15 plus year relationship. They have proven time and again that they care about their customers’ needs well beyond the sale of a piece of equipment. It is also their dedication to employing skilled persons such as Marty that contribute to that service oriented culture and is so valuable in today’s demanding production environment.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and the C&B team in the future as our needs grow.

Best regards,

Plant Manager