New Product: Clamp Bore Microfinishing Machine

C & B Machinery has received multiple orders for its latest generation Model CBV-3 Clamp Bore microfinishing machine. The automotive industry is striving to reduce transmission gear noise in electric vehicles; to do this the internal components must be more precise than ever. C & B Machinery’s new Clamp Bore disc grinders were specifically selected for their high precision, high performance, quality, dependability and maintainability.

C & B Machinery’s new design provides for tighter control of face to bore perpendicularity and improved lead variation that the industry requires. As well as other industry leading benefits such as controlled stock removal on both symmetrical and non-symmetrical components, tighter face to bore perpendicularity, reduced footprint and overall reduced operating cost over traditional methods.

Clamp Bore Microfinishing Machine - C & B MachineryThe new machine processes the face of each gear in an independent cycle while the component is located and clamped using the ID as datum. With multiple stations, the gear faces are sequentially ground to maintain a high throughput. C & B Machinery’s new clamp bore disc grinding machines are available in a variety of models and tooling configurations. This allows us to meet the customers’ requirements pertaining to throughput and the flow of parts through the in-plant automation.

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