A Machine Retool Could Save You Time & Money

C & B has completed hundreds of retools in our 35+ year history on all types of grinding machines. A retool is a great way to utilize your existing capital to run a new line of parts. Have grinding machines in storage or machines that are running parts for an expiring program? You could use those machines to run parts for a new or existing program! Don’t have any machines to submit for retooling? Not a problem, C & B has a large inventory of used disc grinding machines that we can tool to run your parts. A retooled machine will save you thousands over buying new! A retool will also require less lead time than a new machine build. Compared to the cost of purchasing a new machine, retooling your existing machine could save you over 75%! During a retool advancements can be made to the load/unload automation to increase dependability. C & B can also complete upgrades to the grinder that will lessen machine wear over time and increase up time!

The above machine was retooled for the General Motors Bay City plant. This double disc grinding machine is setup to grind connecting rods. C & B replaced all part details with new to allow the machine to run a different program of connecting rods. Advancements were made to the load/unload automation during this retool to make the components more efficient and reliable. 


Contact us today and we can discuss if a retool is right for you!


-The C & B Machinery Team

About C & B

C & B Machinery is a builder of high precision grinding machines based in Brighton, Michigan. Grinding machines, including all tooling, fixtures, controls and lubrication system is designed, manufactured and installed at the Brighton, MI, facility and fully supported after the sale by C & B Machinery’s, qualified and trained, service and support staff.  C & B supplies machines for a global list of customers, with the majority of sales being in North America (NAFTA Region). We provide complete turnkey grinding cells for all U.S. automotive companies and their tier-one and two suppliers. Included in our customer base are also aerospace, bearing, heavy equipment, compressor and oil & gas industries. 

C & B is Preparing for Shipment of our Rotary Plunge Double Disc Grinders!

C & B just moved to this larger facility 5 months ago and we are already running out of space! Shipment of 4 new C & B designed and built rotary plunge style double disc grinding machines will be happening very soon! These machines were custom built for Ford Motor Company and are going into one of their Mexico plants. The machines have a C & B load/unload gantry that takes parts from the ASI automation unit through the grind cycle and back to the automation unit.

Ready to ship these machines to make room for the next jobs coming down the pipeline!