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C & B Machinery Will Exhibit at Gear Expo 2017, The American Gear Manufacturers Association Hosts the Gear Industry’s Premier Event

COLUMBUS, OH – C & B Machinery is pleased to announce that from October 24-26th, it will exhibit at Gear Expo 2017, the gear industry’s premier event. Thousands of gear industry professionals are expected to attend Gear Expo in Columbus, OH, to discover cost-effective solutions and new technologies.

Gear Expo, owned by the American Gear Manufacturers Association, offers learning opportunities and educational options designed to give drive technology professionals and those that serve the industry, tools to succeed in the future. This event takes place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, where attendees will get a one-stop shopping experience that covers all their manufacturing needs including forgings, bearings, heat treating, inspection, and more than 75 other product categories.

“The Gear Expo is a great place to showcase our latest technologies and advancements in double disc grinding. This event is unique to our industry which allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements taking place to ensure that we are in line with the latest industry standards,” says Fabrizio Tarara Vice President at C & B Machinery.

Education offered at this year’s Gear Expo features new sessions for professionals who work in industries such as off-highway, industrial applications, automotive, oil and gas defense, aerospace, agriculture, and construction.

“I encourage everyone to attend this event and stop by our booth #1101 at the Gear Expo 2017,” says Fabrizio Tarara Vice President at C & B Machinery. “You’ll see everything you need to streamline your company’s grinding applications and make advancements to your overall production volumes. We have many flexible designs to fit any requirements that your company may have and the industry knowledge since 1981 to tackle the toughest grinding applications in our industry today!”

To learn more or register now, visit www.gearexpo.com/register/. Use the registration code GE17CBM for a FREE complimentary pass!

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C & B Machinery is a builder of high precision grinding machines based in Brighton, Michigan. Grinding machines, including all tooling, fixtures, controls and lubrication system is designed, manufactured and installed at the Brighton, MI, facility and fully supported after the sale by C & B Machinery’s, qualified and trained, service and support staff.  C & B supplies machines for a global list of customers, with the majority of sales being in North America (NAFTA Region). We provide complete turnkey grinding cells for all U.S. automotive companies and their tier-one and two suppliers. Included in our customer base are also aerospace, bearing, heavy equipment, compressor and oil & gas industries.

C & B Introduces Our New Model Clamp Bore Grinding Machine

We are in the process of building our new single spindle model of our clamp bore grinding machine. A single spindle clamp bore is ideal for grinding parts that have tight tolerances, require bore-to-face perpendicularity, unequal stock removal and for plants with limited floor space! C & B Clamp Bore machines are available with tooling changeover options that allow you to perform part changeovers quickly and easily. The in-process gauging unit is available with a quick-change, error-proof adjustment as well. The cup grinding wheel arbor has the option to be pre-mounted to allow for a quick change with no tools required.

Part tolerances for the parts that will be ran on these machines:


± 0.03 mm


0.025 mm


0.050 mm


0.050 mm


0.5 Ra

Typically, these gears would be double disc ground. The bore-to-face perpendicularity cannot be altered by the double disc grind process, it holds the tolerance from the previous operation. With clamp bore grinding bore-to-face requirements can be met.

Close up of clamp bore tooling

The C & B single spindle clamp bore model # CBV4-1F-1S, has a robot load the part unto the tooling chuck, the 4-inch cup wheel comes down and grinds one side of the part based on the reading being picked up by the in-process gauge. The cup wheel retracts, the part is flipped over and then the wheel in-feeds to grind to size based on the in-process gauge reading. Once the part is finished the robot picks it up and places a new part on the chuck. The cycle time for one finished part is estimated to be 30 seconds. 

  • The C & B Machinery Team