Double Disc Grinder for Knife Blades – Gwynedd Manufacturing

Gwynedd Manufacturing, out of North Wales, Pennsylvania, has purchased a C & B Machinery 36” Swing Arm Double Disc Grinder to grind some of their knife blades. These steel and powdered metal knife blades will go through a rough grind and finish grind. With other operations being performed between the two double disc grinding operations.

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These knife blades, up to 11″ in length, have a rough size tolerance of ±.0015”, parallel tolerance of .003” and a surface finish of 32Ra. The finish size tolerance is ±.001”, parallel tolerance of .003” and a surface finish of 32Ra. The total stock removal from raw blade to rough size is .045” to .050”. Stock removal from rough size to finish size is .004”. Gwynedd Manufacturing plans to start production with these blades but also has plans to grind several other parts on this very versatile grinder. The simplicity of our Swing Arm grinding machine is conducive for quick changeovers from different part types with low tooling costs.

About C & B Machinery

C & B Machinery is a builder of high precision grinding machines based in Brighton, Michigan. Grinding machines, including all tooling, fixtures, controls and lubrication system is designed, manufactured and installed at the Brighton, MI, facility and fully supported after the sale by C & B Machinery’s, qualified and trained, service and support staff. C & B supplies machines for a global list of customers, with the majority of sales being in North America (NAFTA Region). We provide complete turnkey grinding cells for all U.S. automotive companies and their tier-one and two suppliers. Included in our customer base are also aerospace, bearing, heavy equipment, compressor and oil & gas industries.

About Gwynedd Manufacturing

Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Gwynedd Manufacturing is a large precision machine shop focused on serving the defense industry. Our 70,000 sq/ft facility houses over 60 state-of-the-art CNC machines, 80% of which are under 5 years old. Using the most advanced CNC machinery, inspection equipment, and programming and modeling software. With Gwynedd Manufacturing being a completely vertically integrated company, many career opportunities are available. As a rapidly growing company, who owns nearly every step of the production operation. We are always seeking professional, talented, and career-minded individuals in all areas of business from the production floor to the administrative staff.

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