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Disc Grinder Wheel Change and Transfer Carts

This Patented design is specifically engineered to safely handle Nut Inserted Disc Grinding Wheels and addresses the Safety and Ergonomics issues that have been around for years.

Wheel Change Assist Cart | C & B Machinery

The "Wheel Change Assist Fixture and Transfer Cart" model number M30/36HDDW has a pneumatic air bag system for raising and lowering of the assembly. The rotation axis is a manual crank. The system can hold four grinding wheels and backing plates. One wheel and backing plate would be mounted to the change mechanism, one wheel and backing plate could be lying face down on the table and two wheels and their backing plates on the outer support cradle.

Equipment Data

  • Models can be built to accommodate 23" to 42" diameter disc grinding wheels.
  • All models can be towed behind in-plant vehicles.
  • Addresses safety and ergonomic issues.
  • Functions with Besly, Gardner, Mattison, Giustina and C & B Disc Grinding Wheels.

Wheel Change Cart Brochure

Whell Change M30/36HDDW

Wheel Change Assist Fixture Cart
Model M30/36HDDW Shown

Wheel Change M30/36C4

Disc Grinding Wheel Storage & Transfer Cart
Model M30/36C4 Shown


Working with the set mounted to the change flange:

  • Rotate by hand or power the set to a horizontal position.
  • Then raising the table up to contact the face of the worn wheel.
  • The operator then removes the socket screws from the backing plate.
  • Once the bolts are removed, the table is lowered to the desired height and the old wheel removed. (The wheels will easily move in and out on several rubber-coated rollers built into the table.)
  • A new wheel is set in place and raised to the backing plate. The movement is easily controlled to allow for alignment of the dowel pins. There is a tray that can hold a sufficient amount of new bolts, also a picture showing the actual wheel change information.
  • Once the wheel is mounted to the backing plate, it is disconnected from the change flange.
  • The table is then lowered completely.
  • The change flange is then rotated to the home position. This allows for the second backing plate to be moved from the secondary flange to the change flange.
  • The backing plate is then rotated to the change position.
  • The table with the first set is raised up to perform the wheel change on top of the first set, reversing the procedure to place the wheels back in the upright position, either in the crib or after transport to the machine.

This process allows the operator to do everything with a crane. No setting it down on a floor, a table and then picking it up again. Also not trying to lay the set over on blocks and pushing with a foot. Twisting and possibly breaking eyebolts and chains.

Once the new wheel is mounted to the backing plate, it can be disconnected from the change flange, lowered and stored on the roller table if desired. This will allow for a stand by set of new mounted wheels to be stored on the storage end post.


The operator will remove the wheel and backing plate from the machine. This is done with eye bolts to the backing plate. Once the wheel has been removed, it only needs to be handled with the crane. The backing plate will be moved to the cart. Once there, the operator only needs to position the backing plate onto the pilot. This is the same pilot used on the spindle flange and will automatically line up the bolt pattern. Once the backing plate is on the pilot, two bolts are used to hold the backing plate in place. The bolts used are the same size as the ones that hold the backing plate to the spindles. (The tools required are also the same.)

One backing plate can be mounted directly to the change flange. The other to the stage two flange. This makes the set mobile.

The carts come with the necessary hitch to match your hi-lo/tow motor. This also flips up out of the way while not in use.

Wheel Change Step 1
Step #1
Wheel Change Step 2
Step #2
Wheel Change Step 3
Step #3
Wheel Change Step 4
Step #4

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